Community Center at the Westwind Park, Lauderhill

Awarded by the City of Lauderhill, Lauderhill, Florida, 2019-2020

The wall mural “In the Park’ is inspired by the Westwind Park nature, a place with singing birds, geese, ducks, ibises, woodpeckers, mockingbirds, blue jays, and butterflies. 


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wall mural for the community center, mural with palm tree, royal poinciana, birds, and butterflies
wall mural detail with royal poinciana, flowers, birds, and butterflies
Mural artist on scaffold working on mural
wall mural detail with flowers and butterflies, nature mural
wall mural detail with flowers and butterflies, nature mural
mural on the wall with royal poinciana, birds, and butterflies
Mural with Blue Jay sitting on poinciana tree
Mural detail with mockingbird
mural on wall with birds sitting on a royal poinciana tree


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Scarlet bloom of deepest dye,
That with the summer sunset vie
In flashful boast, thy thick-massed flame:—
Lo! Thou hast put its wealth to shame:
For all out-done, the tropic sun
Recalls his tint-skilled fays of fire,—
Glowing rich in envy as they fly.

The blood-red gleam of nonpareil
Amidst thy glare is hid so well
That none can know ‘tis bowered there
With scarlet flash of tanager;—
Nor,—faraway, in heat of day—
—A crimson stain against the green—

From very flame one can’st thee tell.
Above thy growth of tender green,—
That in thy pride can’st not be seen—
The throbbing pulse of flames’ desire
Seems urging tongues of crimson higher;
—As spray-wove gleams o’er molten streams;—
Or combing surges breaking low
Upon a sea of fire.

The southern land that yields thy store
Of matchless wealth;—in days of yore
Had envied oft the sunset sky
Where tropic summer’s gift days die
In glory’s blaze:—And, testing all her ways
She found at last thy blood-dyed bloom;
—than which the sky can’st do no more!


Public Art could be a large or small piece of art, such as mural, relief, sculpture, or installation, placed on public sites.
This art is available to the public.   Its purpose is to express community values, beautify our environment,
transform a landscape, heighten our awareness, or question our assumptions.