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Georgeta Fondos is an accomplished Muralist, Textile Artist, and Illustrator. Her work is featured in public buildings, parks, museums, and private collections all around the world, in countries such as

Greece, Mexico, Moldova, Lithuania, Switzerland, and the United States.


Georgeta has been providing interior and exterior mural painting and design services for residential, commercial, and public spaces since 2004.


Her style extends from classical and trompe-l’oeil to abstract and decorative paintingHer work ranges from the large-scale interior and exterior murals painted directly on walls and existing surfaces such as panels, metal, canvas, and other materials. If you are looking to manifest beauty, inspiration, and creativity through murals, contact Georgeta for more information.

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  • Public art mural divers and sea life sea life lake worth lagoon, octopus, fish, star fish
    SNORKELING TRAIL MURAL, Riviera Beach, Florida


“The Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency would like to thank Murals by Georgeta for being a vital part of our Riviera Beach Art and Branding Project. Georgeta had the daunting task of installing a great piece of artwork at the main intersection of our City. The design and the final product was truly something special. Her positive work ethic and consummate professionalism were also to be admired. We look forward to working with her in the near future.” – Riviera Beach CRA Leadership


“We hired Georgeta for a custom paint project on the keel bulb of a racing sailboat belonging to a client. She was very professional and worked with us to get the design exactly as we wanted it. She was also super flexible about using the marine paint that was required for the job. Once the work started, she was incredibly efficient and actually finished ahead of schedule. The result was excellent and was identical to the presented design. We would absolutely work with Georgeta again and highly recommend her for custom paintwork.”  Brad Magovsky, AREA 51 Global Logistics


I have worked with Georgeta for three Public Art mural projects… I have had the privilege to witness her work ethic and ability to communicate and work with staff and stakeholders to achieve a consensus regarding the final mural. She is a tireless worker who constantly reworks her designs to accommodate all the opinions offered.  I highly recommend Georgeta Fondos as an extremely creative artist, muralist, professional artist, and creative mind to execute a mural for you.”  Beth Ravitz, Public  Artist and Artist Consultant, Lauderhill, Florida


“Georgeta is absolutely AMAZING. She is able to take a verbal concept and transform it into an incredible tangible creation. We have had her paint several murals in our office and each one is phenomenal!! …Georgeta was AMAZING to work with. Her creativity knows no boundaries and her creations bring joy to all who view them. Teresa Miller, Vice President, Human Resources, Garden of Life, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


“It is my pleasure to recommend Georgeta Fondos for employment with your organization. I worked with her when she created a stunning sailfish mural for the contemporary art exterior mural project that I manage, the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project. I was extremely impressed with her attitude and productivity during the time that she worked on her mural for the project. Georgeta is intelligent, creative and quite motivated. I am confident that she will devote herself to a position with your organization with a high degree of diligence and originality.

Georgeta completed the mural on time and within budget, two things that are extremely important when creating public art. The mural that she created has become one of the most beloved murals in the project. I receive comments on a weekly basis from residents of Hollywood, Florida on what a beautiful mural she created. She completely changed the look and feel of the building where her mural resides.” – Jill Weisberg, Art Specialist/Project Manager of the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project DHMP


Georgeta is very professional and reliable and spends a lot of time doing research for the project. She provides very detailed designs. As a result, her murals are very complex and engaging.”  George Gadson, Public Artist and Artist Consultant, Tamarac, Florida

“Superb work! She took a photograph of a Costa Rica Rainforest and made it come alive on my outside wall, using a scaffold to reach high and difficult spots. The attention to detail and realism were stunning. We are very satisfied with the result and professionalism of the job.” C. Cary, Parkland, Florida. 

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Georgeta Fondos at Murals by Georgeta has worked on a mural on the ceiling at the Deering Estate, Florida


  • A mural painting is usually a large-scale painting executed on walls, ceilings, and other, typically large, flat, convex or concave surfaces.
  • A mural could be painted directly on the wall or on canvas and adhered to any flat or convex wall. 
  • What we know today as ‘cave or rock paintings’, are murals painted or drawn on caves’ walls and ceilings.
  • Cave paintings, (also known as parietal paintings,) were not created for decorative purposes. Oftentimes they were located in areas not easily accessed, and their purpose is not entirely known.
  • Mural art has evolved rapidly over time. Paintings on the wall were created in fresco painting techniques for centuries. The earliest known examples of frescoes dating from the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt (2613–2498 BCE).
  • Fresco murals techniques were used for centuries by European artists.  
  • With the invention of the oil painting technique at the beginning of the 15th century, the fresco was still the
    predominant technique in wall murals.
  • Later on, around 19th-20th centuries some artists started painting wall murals in oil.
  • Today, most murals are painted with water-based mediums, such as acrylics, alkyds, and other media.
      Read more about cave paintings here